A more exciting update than Firefox 3.0!

Let’s dive straight in with some hot tin roof updates shall we?

Well, Sea Life Surveys is well into the season, and judging by the blog, is seeing a tons of minke whales, basking sharks, dolphins but to name a few. And the excitement level doesn’t dip for the UK’s original whale watching operator, oh no, as HRH The Princess Royal is on her way to Mull in July to officially open the new Sea Life Surveys centre. You can keep up with the building progress on Sea Life Survey’s new Facebook page.

Sea Life Survey see 100's of common dolphins off the coast of Scotland

In other HTR news, a few of us cats were lucky enough to meet journalist Alex Blyth at a training session he hosted last week in Edinburgh. A lovely man with a raft of knowledge!

We were also handed the honour of presenting a talk at the Edinburgh Internet Marketing meet-up. After loads of preparation we delivered a talk on Online PR, which was quite the achievement. Even more of a success was being able to get up first thing for the Edinburgh coffee morning the next day after a few too many!

There’s lots of juicy news to come soon, mostly some exceedingly exciting news about some new clients joining us at HTR; but we can’t tell you who they are yet…So we’ll just tease and drop cryptic clues like, “they might be based in Edinburgh”. Ooooh!

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