An open letter to Mark Thompson, Director-General of the BBC.

Dear Mr Thompson (Head of the Big British Castle),

I am shocked and/or appalled by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand.

I pay my license fee you see and apparently we’re paying two (thoroughly entertaining) idiots lots of money to abuse old people. That’s not on!

Now I didn’t hear the prank phone call, I haven’t read the transcript, but according to the Daily Mail (below the sexy pictures of Andrew Sach’s granddaughter) I should be outraged!!!!!!!!

Suspension is nowhere near harsh enough.

The headlines I want to see tomorrow: “PM re-imposes Death Sentence to combat spiraling Prank Call Epidemic”  and “The nation is sick!” – Jim Davidson.

Won’t someone please think of the children!

Actually come to think of it…suspend Russell Brand all you want, hell…SACK HIM for all I care, with his crazy hairdo and witty demeanor.

…but not Wossy! He’s a national icon. And what about my Friday night TV schedule?! They’ll be no Friday Night with Jonathan Ross this week! Are you CRAZY BBC?!?!?

And on the night he was due to interview Miley Cyrus! FORESHAME!!!!!

Yours furiously,

Joseph Blogs

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