Digital Crunch?

Some of the companies we work with are truly ahead of their time.  Six years ago when we started to talk about search engine optimisation, we were met with awkward silences and blank stares.

Today search engine optimisation is the fastest growing sector of advertising worth billions.  And of course we’re very proud to have Ambergreen, pioneers of search marketing and Hot Tin Roof’s first client, still with us six years later.

Today we are working with Lynchpin Analytics and we are getting the same awkward silence and blank stares when we talk about analytics.

Well watch this space because I can guarantee that analytics is going to be the thing that turns the internet upside down.

Indeed there is a real risk that the internet is facing its own ‘virtual’ credit crunch because we can’t measure the value of our assets and so have no idea what to invest in to increase (or even just sustain) growth.

Sound familiar? Today, there is a massive disconnect between the analytics market and what business needs.  Just like the valuations of the financial instruments that caused the credit crunch becoming completely disconnected by masking the real underlying value and risks.

More in this month’s Internet Retailing.

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