miiCard Launches Twitter Trust Campaign By Verifying Real Identities

Identity verification service miiCard is calling for Twitter users to get behind a campaign and take control of their digital identity, create trust and validate their social profile. Open to everyone and not just celebrities, anyone using Twitter can now validate a profile by connecting it to their miiCard, proving once and for all “I am who I say I am” purely online.

With the total number of Twitter registrations estimated at 500 million at the end of March 2012, up from 200 million 12 months ago, and recent identity fraud reported at 7.3% on average across the big three social networks, proving you are the person behind your profile is now critical, particularly as we rely more on our social profiles for credibility and reputation.

Today miiCard is the only way that the general public can truly verify a Twitter account. The ability to connect your Twitter account is now available in response to increased reports of identity fraud and impersonation on social networks, and interest from miiCard users. Connecting your validated miiCard identity with your Twitter profile proves that it belongs to you and creates that much needed level of trust in social networking.

James Varga, miiCard’s CEO explains:  “With miiCard we can for the first time prove you are who you say you are without any offline validation. In just a few minutes you can create a validated online identity – a kind of digital passport – that can then be used to prove your Twitter and Linkedin accounts really belong to you. It’s easy, purely online and takes just a few minutes.

“As the value of our online interactions continues to grow – be it through professional collaborations, building your business reputation or starting new friendships – we need to be able to trust. The recent increases in social networking fraud statistics tell us we’ve got to do something and this is where we think miiCard can make a big difference.”

Recent confusion around comedian Dave Chappelle’s Twitter presence highlights the need to be able to prove identity online. Chappelle’s account was officially verified by Twitter, but not under the handle he originally used, which now appears to be used by an imposter. Both accounts have strong followings and were tweeting similar content causing confusion amongst fans as to which account could be trusted.

With the rise in identity fraud and impersonation across sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, the need to create trust on social networks is critical. By linking to your miiCard from your Twitter account, we can now prove that our profiles belong to us and start building that much needed layer of trust.

miiCard is the first truly global online identity verification service. It allows you to prove your online identity, in real time and with the same level of authority and traceability that a passport or driver’s licence carries offline. Owned and managed by the individual, miiCard allows you to track, monitor and take control of your online identity.

Find out more at www.miicard.com/for/twitter

For more information please contact Sally Rattray

Verify your Twitter belongs to you with miiCard

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