my1login Make Password Management Fun And Social To Encourage Secure Login Behaviour

my1login is introducing gamification to its password manager service to encourage internet users to take control of their digital security.  Launching today, users will be incentivised through game-like challenges to strengthen the security of their online accounts and to encourage others to do the same.

Following the recent spate of password hacking attacks, my1login has developed challenges to inject a bit of fun into password management as well as help educate users on the critical need for password security and to encourage safer behaviour online by offering rewards for adopting secure practices.

my1login incentivises the use of strong, unique passwords and rewards users for learning to create secure logins and avoiding weak practices.  As new challenges are completed, my1login users earn rewards including additional storage and the ability to upgrade to the ‘pro’ version of my1login for free, a service normally paid for by subscription.

Mike Newman, CEO of my1login, explains:  “The last few months have seen an escalation in the frequency and scale of hacking incidents and without strong password security we are all vulnerable. It’s critical that internet users be aware of the ramifications of using weak passwords and having the same passwords across multiple sites. In 2012, weak passwords are the digital equivalent of going on holiday and leaving your keys in the door.

“Only by using strong, unique passwords across all of our sites can we keep ourselves safe.  Clearly though, it’s difficult for most of us to memorise lots of different strong, unique passwords and writing them down or storing them on your computer is as much of a security risk as using easy-to-remember weak passwords. To maximise security online, a password manager such as my1login is required.

“Hacking is pushing password managers further into mainstream consciousness and we are seeing consumer demand for our service increasing on a daily basis. By the end of 2012, I expect ‘password manager’ solutions to be as familiar a concept as ‘virus scanning’ among online consumers.”

my1login is a cloud-based password manager that doesn’t need a local client or browser plug-in, so works with virtually any browser on virtually any operating system. It enables users to access all of their password-protected accounts and sites from any device, with only one login. my1login completely eliminates the need to memorize multiple usernames and passwords at the same time helping users increase their online security by generating long complex passwords for each individual account.

my1login has developed a series of challenges within its password manager where users progress incrementally through eight stages, earning rewards for completing actions such as storing five logins, generating a strong password, having over 80% of their passwords determined to be strong and unique. my1login will also reward users with additional storage for encouraging their friends on social networks to improve their security.

For more information contact Sarah Lee.

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