Be prepared: Cloakroom app to help users navigate their wardrobe come rain or shine

Cloakroom, a new mobile app from Edinburgh based developer James Cleary, could see an end to the days of being caught in the rain without an umbrella. Tapping into the innately British obsession with the weather, it uses geo-location and local weather forecasts to suggest the items you’ll need, from raincoats to flip-flops, to get through the day unscathed.

Edinburgh is well known for its erratic weather, and it’s not unusual to need everything from sandals and shorts to a hat and gloves within the space of an hour. It’s therefore no surprise that the city was the inspiration behind the development of Cloakroom.

Seeing the potential in the app, Sony recently selected Cloakroom as its November Android App of the Month.

The app’s developer, James Cleary of LEWIS, said: “Originally the idea came from the realisation that most weather apps suffer from information overload. Rather than building a replacement, I thought it might be nice to have something visual, clear and simple to go alongside them – just showing the extra items you’ll need for the day ahead.”

The app also allows users to personalise their experience by removing options that don’t suit them, ensuring it’s suitable for those who don’t suit hats or can’t abide espadrilles. Cloakroom even features a ‘Cautious Mode’, inspired by James’ wife’s tendency to feel the cold more than most.

A web developer with LEWIS, James developed Cloakroom in his spare time and it is his first published app. A novice at Android development, James learned on the job as he built the app, using support from online guides and the wider developer community.

He said: “This is a very new experience for me, I’ve dabbled in app development before, but I only really got into it within the last year. I’m amazed at the positive reception it’s had, it just shows how such a simple idea can really take off.”

Cloakroom is available to download at Google Play store globally, the app is only available in English at this stage, but there are plans to replicate the app in other languages. / twitter: @lewisedinburgh

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