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My PR Internship: “The Hot Tin Roof Experience” #05

Friday, October 25th, 2013

This is the last in the series of posts from our intern Ayah who spent last week with us engrossed in the world of PR. Her previous post can be read here: Day one, two, three and four.


Day Five (18/10/13) my final day…

This morning I reviewed and edited my press release. The feedback I have received has been very encouraging, however, I understand my press release is a little bit too detailed. On a lighter note, I have stuck to the correct structure and understood the client effectively. When writing a press release, you are given the challenge to cover all aspects in as few words as possible – a little tricky, but certainly very interesting to write up.

I also looked at Hot Tin Roof’s social networks and was shown some apps they use to track responses – Hoot Suite and Social Bro. I would recommend everyone to sign up for those website as they are really nifty and valuable applications. I love them so much, in fact, I am even going to start using them when I get home! Joe showed me a lot of tricks that I will definitely be using after my placement.

I am, sadly, finishing this blog. I have had a great time writing it but the time has come for an end. I have loved every minute of this placement and would encourage everyone interested in Public Relations or Journalism to undertake an internship relevant to the field. The last thing you would want to do is leave University as a journalist only to find you hate deadlines or worse, writing! Also, if you’re stuck on finding work experience, why don’t you try volunteering, or even starting your own blog? Employers will be impressed to see you can handle such a commitment and may even start to picture you working in their firm.

To sum everything up, no day in the PR world is the same. There will always be a dozen tasks waiting for you, but if you work at it, there will also always be rewards waiting for you at the end of the day. Whether you make a client happy, write an amazing press release or receive an invite to a company event, there will always be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Just don’t forget to enjoy your experience and take deep breaths!


Have you experienced an amazing internship you want to share? Leave a comment down below.

My PR Internship: “The Hot Tin Roof Experience” #04

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

The penultimate day from Ayah‘s time with us saw her drafting her first Press Release. In case you missed them, here’s days one, two and three.


Day Four (17/10/13)

Today I continued to write this blog. I think it is really interesting to reflect on my past days. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and writing this blog is a way to immortalise it. It is a way to look back and say, ‘this is what I have done’.

I started (and finished) my first draft of the appointment press release on a new client – a brilliant company who focus on biomedical informatics solutions to manage chronic diseases, or to put in layman’s terms, they invest in research that ultimately save peoples lives. I loved writing the press release. I was able to see how people in PR work by doing the same job that they do on a daily basis. I found it really interesting researching about the company and was able to get a quote from Jen through a short interview. It was fun writing the press release. I just hope the journalists reading it will like it as much as I have.

I then, after collecting clippings of articles, created a PDF document of all the collated media coverage of one of HTR’s clients. It was a little challenging trying to save 13 documents into one file but, with the help of Joe, I was able to do it.

Overall this day was very enjoyable and I had a brilliant time!

My PR Internship: “The Hot Tin Roof Experience” #03

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Here’s  the third post from Ayah, marking the mid-point in her internship with us last week. If you missed them, you can read days one and two after the jump.result

Day Three (16/10/13)

Today I finished the rest of the business cards. The updated address book was then exported on a v-card and saved on dropbox, which was imported onto several other computers in the office.

I also finished making all the calls to the publications, bar the last two. I made a lot of progress today and even secured a few lists!

I decided to eat my lunch at my desk so that I could finish off a few tasks. This led to me gaining advice on how to generate content on social media by my fellow colleague, Joe. #Result! (He also taught me how to insert a hashtag on a Mac (alt 3!)).

After lunch, I started to write this blog. I decided a day-by-day approach would appeal more than a general summary, and hopefully it would give fellow aspiring journalists an insight into the PR world – not every stereotype is true. I didn’t make coffee during my internship, not everyone in PR is a girl and PR is not just about hosting events.

This day has been incredibly useful – my colleagues showed me the type of jobs they did on a daily basis and explained to me the importance of it.

PR internship

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Contract type: Summer internship/twenty hours per week

An ideal opportunity for a recent graduate (preferably in journalism) to gain industry experience and insight to working on PR campaigns for tech and digital start ups. As part of a small and very busy PR team based in Edinburgh city centre you will quickly get experience of many aspects of PR:

  • Understanding client campaign strategies
  • Drafting press releases
  • Administering client campaigns
  • Social media and blogging
  • Using PR databases
  • Pitching to press
  • Event management

The role will develop practical understanding of PR through shadowing and supporting the activities of the permanent team, and offers hands-on involvement in many aspects of the job. We will find out what you want to achieve from the internship and work hard to provide you with tasks and opportunities to fulfil these goals.

Applicants will have excellent writing ability, experience of social media in a PR context and strong communication skills. Applicants will be informed about trends in PR, have a track record of working in the media and a hunger for news. Knowledge of the tech start up scene and publications appropriate to this sector would be a huge advantage.

Hot Tin Roof will be recruiting a full-time PR assistant at the end of the summer.

More information about Hot Tin Roof is available on our website

For further details and to apply for the role of intern please see our advert on the Adopt an Intern website

Diary of an intern

Friday, February 26th, 2010

How NOT to treat an intern.

Hot Tin Roof’s star intern, Hilary Gray, explains why she has found the experience valuable…

I have a confession to make. I am a news junkie.

I have always been fascinated with how the media works and how a story becomes a story. In PR, I found a career where I could put this obsession and my love of language to good use. However, although I was sure it was what I wanted to do, I had no first hand knowledge of how the industry works and what was involved in working in PR. Winning an internship at Hot Tin Roof has allowed me to learn on the job.

Graduating into the biggest recession since the thirties was not part of my career plan. It has meant that internships – a traditional route into PR – have become longer and more common and it is more difficult than ever to find a permanent position.

Hot Tin Roof allowed me to dive straight in at the deep end and I was given real responsibility within minutes of walking in the door. On my first day, I started working on a press release and after selling it in to The Drum and PR Week it appeared in print and online.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to practice writing press releases and receive feedback on my writing. I’ve also been able to speak to journalists and, although it was daunting at first, it has really buoyed my confidence.

Since graduation, I’ve immersed myself in the world of digital PR and the skills I’ve picked up have been put to good use at Hot Tin Roof. I helped launch the Twitter profile for the Three Harbours Seafood Festival (@3harbourseafood) and I’ve found online opportunities for clients to provide comment and publicise their brands. I’ve been able to share my knowledge with my new colleagues so we’re learning from each other.

I believe that digital PR is going to be key to the future of the industry and having embraced Twitter wholeheartedly, I am pleased to be one of the co-organisers of this year’s EdTwestival. As the official PR person for the event, I’ll be responsible for media requests as well as finding sponsors and raffle prizes.

I’ve started networking within the Scottish media and have built contacts at several PR firms. I’ve attended the Young Communicator events, run by the CIPR (and sadly discontinued) which enabled me to make contact with others at a similar level from agencies and in-house PR. Tonight I’ll be getting my networking head on again as I’ll be attending the inaugural Twitchicks dinner organised by Victoria Raimes of the Edinburgh Evening News.

Of course, long-term internships aren’t sustainable for anyone and at some point internships need to turn into a permanent job. I recommend trying to get a part-time internship that you can mix with paid work or even a short, weeklong placement. My internship at Hot Tin Roof has been very flexible and I’m pleased to say that it has improved my PR skills. It has allowed me to get my first press hits and helped me stand out from the crowd.

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