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PR’s gone ‘Social’

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Despite rumours of non-stop parties, running with the press pack and having a phone glued permanently to your ear, PR can be quite lonely.  You’re constantly selling yourself, your clients, your story and your contacts.  You put yourself on the line all the time.  You’ve got to stay positive and keep bouncing back.  And skin like the hide of a rhino is a must.

So we thought ‘sod it’: let’s get together for a ‘social’.   The Social is for people working in PR who like a drink, like a blether and want to find out more about what is happening in PR today.

Working with the media has always been adrenalin charged but this is a massively exciting time to be working in PR.  There’s loads of new stuff happening every day as the world changes faster than you can ‘tweet’.

The Social will also be a place to share PR horror stories when your story gets bumped or your client decides to insult the editor.  That long walk home from the newspaper shop scanning every column inch, surely the story is in, surely…

You have to have a huge sense of humour to work in this industry for any length of time.  The social will be a chance to meet like-minded people, have a laugh, unwind and maybe even learn something new.

The first meeting of The Social will be at The Dogs on Hanover Street from 6pm on Thursday 19 February.  Hope to see you there!

We’ve created a Facebook group to keep you all up to date with The Social. Log on and see it here:

Also made a Twitter group using the hashtag, #thesocial.

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