Our hands on interactive workshops are designed to give you practical skills you can use the minute you get back to your desk. You also receive a tool kit to take away filled with the insider secrets, tips and resources we have accumulated over the years. Priceless!

Teach me to twitter

A hands on social media workshop showing you how to use twitter, facebook and linkedin for business. Light on theory (heavy on action) this crash course will get you tweeting, linking and liking like the best on the web. This workshop is aimed at everyone who knows they should be doing social media but hasn’t quite got started.

Teach me online PR

An interactive workshop in how to combine digital with analogue PR campaigns giving you the tools you need to detonate your message across the internet. You know what makes a good story and you know how to deliver a strong message. Aimed at PR and digital agencies this workshop teaches you how to use forums, blogs, wires and social media to digitally detonate your story and create a media storm across the internet.

Teach me PR

The basics in doing your own PR – how to write a press release and get it printed. There are no barriers to doing your own PR and this workshop is aimed at the sole trader who wants to raise awareness and build reputation for their company. This workshop shows you step by step how to make headlines so when you are out and about you start to hear those magic words: “Ah yes, I’ve heard of you”.

If you would like to know more about course content, cost and availability just give us a shout. Bespoke one to one sessions are also available.

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