Hot Tin Roof is a dynamic, independent PR agency, creating iconic reputations for pioneering UK companies.

‘Fast and furious’, we deliver creative campaigns designed along clear and simple lines.

From short sharp projects to
sophisticated strategy sustained
long term, we have a powerful
reputation for getting results
and making the news.


brightsolid Awarded Preferred Partner Certification in Dell PartnerDirect Channel Program
  • 22 February

    Apps, Widgets and JpegsAt Hot Tin Rood, we specialise in PR for tech companies. We keep up to date with all the latest tren...more
  • 14 February

    PR – The language of love?Roses are red, Violets are blue, We love a good PR stunt, And we know you do too!   The most ro...more
  • 07 February

    Thomas Miller – Return to Hot Tin Roof  When we think of PR, most of us have an image of glitz, glamour and Prosecco. Ab Fab anyone? ...more
  • 30 January

    My First (Half) Week at Hot Tin RoofEverything new can be a little bit terrifying at first. Your first day at school, first time away fr...more
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