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Stirling is the first UK university to use cinemagraphs

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Heehaw breaks new ground again with a series of captivating digital images for the University of Stirling. In possibly the first commercial use of cinemagraphs in Scotland, Stirling also believes it is the first UK university to use them.

Cinemagraphs are a new technique which add motion to still photographs resulting in photographs that move. They were invented by two US photographers to illustrate fashion and news photographs and the first examples appeared early in 2011. They are created by filming short sequences and editing the moving footage into a still image, allowing small portions of movement from the video to loop seamlessly.

Cinemagraphs have an almost mesmeric quality. At first you catch just a slight movement you could easily miss. It causes you to double take and forces you to look closer as Kirsty MacGregor, Director of Marketing and Communications at the University of Stirling explains: “We were looking for something original, innovative and creative to update our website, something that would stand out and ensure people would engage with the content. Heehaw’s answer was something we had not heard of before: cinemagraphs.

“Heehaw’s technical and creative knowhow has helped us to achieve our vision and by working closely with our own in-house web team they have created fantastic results. The cinemagraphs are a great achievement for everyone involved and demonstrate our commitment to using visual art to reinforce and express the university’s values.

The series of six images include the pages of a book turning, a bunsen burner burning, a hand moving a computer mouse, wind blowing a woman’s hair, a golf club teeing up and a microscope being focused.

Mally Graveson Heehaw’s Director of Productions comments: “The university provided us with a list of suggestions as to what the pictures were to represent. From there we detailed the concepts and planned each shot. The main thing we had to get right was the movement. It has to be subtle yet in a place people would expect to find motion, and it had to be achieved within the technical constrains of a cinemagraph.

“This is a completely new technique for us and for Scotland and of course we are delighted to be the first to do it!”

Heehaw Digital is a full service digital agency offering web design, video, mobile, social media, e-commerce and online marketing. Working with a broad range of public and private sector brands, from the bluechip multi-national to the SME including RBS, Scottish Natural Heritage, Hopetoun House and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, this multi-sector experience allows cross fertilisation of ideas.

Heehaw’s strong research and development focus means they work at the cutting edge of digital creativity. They were one of the first agencies in Scotland to start using video and are one of the few to have their own specialist in-house video production team.

For more information please contact: Lauren Cormack.

Heehaw to help Pagan Osborne stand out in changing legal market

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Digital design agency Heehaw has been chosen by legal, financial and property specialists Pagan Osborne to redesign the company’s website and help it retain its strong position as large new players like Tesco and the AA move into the legal market.

Heehaw won the contract based on the proven creativity and skills of its staff and its broad view of communication, which fitted with Pagan Osborne’s ‘360 lifestyle’ approach to customer care over different life stages. Both companies share a philosophy of ongoing, powerful communication with clients.

Pagan Osborne’s Marketing and Business Development Director Tania Hemming says: “The legal landscape is going to change dramatically over the next year, and we really needed someone with insight, someone who will help us up the ante when the big players come in. We have always been innovative and forward thinking, with a different angle on selling legal and financial products, and we quickly recognised that Heehaw has the right skills and attitude to help us succeed in that. We also really like the people, and that was a key point for us – they’re people we want to work with.”

Pagan Osborne was also pleased to work with a full service agency based in Edinburgh, allowing regular meetings and exchanges of ideas.
The website will be an important portal as the market changes, and Heehaw will ensure Pagan Osborne stays ahead of the competition with a site that works as a ‘conversion tool’ in itself – getting users to complete a Lifestyle Survey, educating them on what services are available to them, and showing that Pagan Osborne is the right organisation to provide them.

Mark Strickland, Managing Director of Heehaw says: “We are very excited to be working with Pagan Osborne and feel we have the skills and expertise to really help to position the company well, and to contribute ideas to their ongoing digital development.”
Future work will include a redesign of the company’s intranet, and several other projects that promise to be very exciting for the future of both Heehaw and Pagan Osborne.

For more information contact: Sarah Lee.

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