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Free for Startups: SocialBro Helps David Beat Goliath On Twitter

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

SocialBro, the Twitter analytics, marketing and management platform for business, is giving startups and small businesses a helping hand with the launch of a free forever package. From today, users with a Twitter community of 5000 or less will be able to access SocialBro’s powerful tools through the new Free Cloud plan and analyze and act on Twitter data to grow, engage and monetize their audience.

SocialBro is one of only two members of the prestigious Twitter Certified Program (alongside complementary Twitter client Hootsuite) to offer free access to a product providing analytics and action capability. It combines real time actionable data with the power to deliver and manage campaigns, harnessing the amazing potential of Twitter as a marketing channel to deliver high impact results across a range of metrics.

Javier Burón, SocialBro’s co-founder and CEO, says: “With more and more consumers demanding a truly personalized experience, Twitter has created a level playing field where small businesses can take on global brands. Many small companies are incredibly creative in using Twitter to attract new customers and SocialBro’s new free option is the final piece of the puzzle, enabling them to leverage their online community and use SocialBro with Twitter to drive their growth.”

SocialBro Joins the Twitter Certified Program

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Watershed moment for SocialBro on its journey to becoming the ‘go-to’ platform to extract brand value and revenues from Twitter.

SocialBro, a leading Twitter analytics, marketing and management platform for business, has been chosen to join the Twitter Certified Program, which recognises products that help make brands more successful on Twitter.

SocialBro, which has over 240,000 users including Visa, Toyota and Sefutbol, the Spanish National Football team, joins a select cohort of elite companies such as Hootsuite, Adobe and Nielsen, and is one of the first platforms from outside the US to get the Twitter ‘seal of approval’. To date, only 32 products have been accepted into the prestigious Program and the announcement underlines both the critical importance of data to businesses and SocialBro’s status as a trusted, value add platform.

Smart and disruptive, SocialBro’s suite of analytics and management tools is a game changer in the hands of the new breed of digital marketer. By providing actionable statistics and accurate reporting of social media, SocialBro enables organisations to monetize their Twitter campaigns, increase customer retention and reduce acquisition costs.

SocialBro Discovers Value Of Retweets For Advertisers

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

As Twitter advertising revenues continue to increase, brands are demanding more information about the users who retweet and engage with their updates, says SocialBro, the Twitter analytics and management platform.

According to SocialBro’s CEO and co-founder, Javier Burón, brands that invest in sponsored tweets believe that in-depth insights are the key to achieving return on investment.

He says: “Social advertising needs to be strategic and brands are telling us that they want to be able to follow up with the users who show interest in their paid-for campaigns. They want the sponsored tweet to be the first step to building a long last relationship with new followers and they want to be able to track users who retweet them. It is almost impossible to do that manually but our new tool, Discover Retweeters, answers that problem.”

Launching today, Discover Retweeters enables Twitter marketers to identify and target users that have retweeted any chosen tweet. SocialBro developed the tool in response to demand from its customers, a growing list of well-known brands includes Coca Cola and T-Mobile.

SocialBro Releases Its Own Twitter Mute Function For All SocialBro Users

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Following fast on the heels of Twitter’s release of mute functionality to selected user accounts, SocialBro, the leading Twitter analytics and marketing platform, has today launched its own mute function.

Available now to all SocialBro users, the mute function is integrated with SocialBro’s filtering and search functionality, enabling them to quickly filter out Twitter users on a mass scale and giving them more control over the content they see on Twitter.

The new feature is a particularly powerful tool for businesses and high profile individuals with large Twitter communities who are seeking to ‘zoom in and out’ on their most relevant social contacts so that they don’t miss important tweets.

Twitter Budgets Rise As Big Brands Home In On Customer Acquisition

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Twitter budgets are on the up and marketers are becoming more conscious about ROI, using their time on Twitter to achieve clear business objectives and generate leads, according to SocialBro.

The survey by the Twitter management platform found that the majority of businesses (57%) are spending at least fifty per cent more on Twitter marketing compared with two years ago, with 15% of respondents stating that their spending has tripled.

SocialBro’s survey also uncovered differences in social media objectives between smaller and bigger businesses. While the majority of SMEs (up to 200 employees) rated brand building as their key reason for using Twitter with lead generation in second place, bigger companies with 500+ employees were much more likely to list acquiring new customers as a top priority along with building relationships with influencers.

Javier Burón, CEO and co-founder of SocialBro, says: “These findings reflect the fact that Twitter has really matured in the last couple of years, introducing new ways of advertising and revamping its design. Companies expect to see hard business benefits and they accept that it is worth investing to deliver a consistent and creative brand experience that achieves measurable return on investment.”

While 74% per cent of respondents said they loved Twitter’s real time communication capability and two thirds commended its potential to spread messages virally, 53% said that their biggest bugbear with social media was its potential to be time intensive.

“A badly managed social media campaign has the potential to be a black hole for time,” warns Burón. “But it doesn’t need to be that way. It is easy to make your Twitter routine more efficient as long as you have structured planning, monitoring and reporting systems in place.”

An advanced Twitter analytics and management platform, SocialBro can help marketers by automating certain Twitter actions, allowing users more time to nurture followers and pursue those aspects of the campaign that really benefit from personal engagement. It also provides actionable data to help businesses optimise and monetise their social media activity.

Brands That Don’t Engage On Twitter Risk Losing 15 Per Cent Of New Followers

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Follower retention metrics and management more important than ever as businesses invest in Twitter advertising to increase the size of their communities.
Businesses on Twitter will lose fifteen percent of new followers within three weeks unless they make an effort to engage early, according to Twitter management platform SocialBro.

According to SocialBro’s sample data, famous or influential individuals (100,000+ followers) will lose one to three per cent of new followers in the first week and 10 per cent after three weeks. The baseline churn rate increases to five per cent and 15 per cent for companies while ‘ordinary’ individuals can expect to lose 20 per cent of new followers in the first week and 40 per cent over three weeks unless they make an effort to engage with these users.

In a bid to increase follower numbers, brands are spending more on social advertising than ever before and Twitter announced ad revenues of $220 million in the last quarter of 2013; a 121% increase on the same period in 2012.

To help businesses ensure the best possible return on their Twitter ad spend, SocialBro has developed its Follower Retention tool. Launching today, it is designed to help users hold on to their hard won followers.

Javier Buron, CEO and founder of SocialBro, says: “Unsurprisingly, the more influential you are, the more likely your followers are to stick with you. But the bigger your community, the greater scope there is to gain an edge over your competitors by engaging your followers. Our new Follower Retention reports make this much easier by providing you with insight in to how you are performing and helping you to draw conclusions about the quality and relevance of followers you are attracting and keeping.”

With SocialBro, users can track campaigns in terms of quality and engagement and work to improve their follower retention figures. Users can also analyse which strategies work best for their community.

According to Javier Burón, businesses can reduce their churn rate by implementing some simple actions.

He says: “Make an effort to ‘follow back’, using lists to listen to your most important followers. Behind every profile is a real person, so do your best to interact with them, just as you would if they came in to your shop. Mention them; thank them for following you; favourite their tweets. Obviously you need to prioritise those that are real accounts and those that represent a real opportunity, but try not to ignore new followers or they will soon say goodbye.”

Follower Retention follows the launch of SocialBro’s Rule Builder and Mention Helper tools, both of which are designed to help users make the most effective use of their time on Twitter.

Londoners Help Primary Teacher’s Tweet Reach 42 Million Says SocialBro

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

A social media experiment started by a fourth grade teacher from Ontario has shown up in the feeds of 42 million users, according to Twitter analytics specialist SocialBro. The post was retweeted 88,898 times with London the most active city, even though the original post originated in Canada.

The teacher, whose Twitter handle is @MrLaythorpe, wanted to teach his class about internet safety and demonstrate how far a photograph can travel in a week via social media. He posted an image of himself and a colleague holding a sign stating, “I am talking to my 4 grade students about internet safety and how quickly a photo can be seen by lots of people. If you are reading this please retweet it.”

Researchers at SocialBro ran analytics on the retweets and found that the tweets crossed language barriers with many users getting involved despite not speaking English as their mother tongue. A number of influential users helped to spread the picture far and wide and well known participants in the experiment included Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, comedian Dara Ó Briain, and actor Zach Braff. The highest proportion of retweets came from the US, which counted for 15.3%, closely followed by the UK at 5.3% and at city level London was the top location.

“Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool for spreading messages and information around the world,” says Javier Burón, founder and CEO of SocialBro. “The experiment highlights how quickly a picture can go viral on Twitter and that language barriers on the web are less of an issue today. This is clearly highlighted by the number of countries retweeting where English isn’t the first language.”

SocialBro is an advanced cloud solution for the management and analysis of Twitter communities. It enables Twitter for businesses, helping companies to better engage with their audience and increase their communities’ growth qualitatively.

Since its launch in May 2010, SocialBro has achieved rapid growth attracting over 180,000 users from 70 countries including a significant proportion of professional Twitter users, corporates and agencies, such as CBS, NASCAR, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile and Publicis.

Socialbro Strengthens Twitter Analytics Toolset With Rule Builder

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Twitter analytics platform SocialBro today launched Rule Builder, its latest tool for helping businesses maximise ROI for their social media activity by automating Twitter actions and better organising Twitter account management.

Automation of certain Twitter actions saves businesses time and leads to more effective engagement with their followers. By cutting down the time it takes businesses to review Twitter activity, Rule Builder allows users more time to nurture supporters and pursue those aspects of Twitter which really benefit from personal engagement.

Rule Builder works by allowing users to set up automatic rules to be executed when certain conditions are met. As well as saving users time, this boosts their responsiveness to interactions and makes their account management more efficient. One simple application is where new Twitter followers can be subject to an action (e.g. receive a welcome personalized DM based on criteria such as interests or demographics) as a result of Rule Builder ensuring important initial opportunities to engage are quickly seized upon.

However, selective automation naturally supports the desire to target and personalise Twitter communications. With Rule Builder, businesses can also use predetermined criteria to organise their followers and better personalise the interactions they experience with the business. For example, a user may be added automatically to a particular list if they retweet the business and if their profile demographic satisfies certain conditions. A follower in a particular geographic region could be given a ‘potential customer’ tag if their profile contains a keyword relating to the business’s brand. By categorising followers and engaging with them appropriately, businesses build more beneficial relationships within their community because the customer receives a more personalised online experience.

Javier Buron, CEO and founder of SocialBro, explains: “Automation is key for many successful marketing channels, and is therefore an extremely important aspect of the global solution offered by SocialBro that makes Twitter a valuable tool for business. Automation actually helps businesses avoid the cardinal sin of using twitter as a global megaphone by tailoring content and interactions and personalising the Twitter experience.”

Twitter has over 140 million users worldwide and with 340 million tweets per day, creates a large amount of noise above which businesses are trying to be heard. However, Twitter can be an effective marketing channel when managed effectively. SocialBro provides Twitter management and analysis, enabling businesses to better engage with audiences and grow their communities. SocialBro is fully integrated with customer relationship management applications Salesforce and Nimble as well as social media management tool Hootsuite.

Javier continues: “SocialBro offers businesses a powerful set of tools to enable them to monetise Twitter and rule Builder is a valuable addition. Saving time and boosting interaction with followers are no longer mutually exclusive – Rule Builder is a win-win tool for businesses when it comes to building loyalty among followers, and ultimately converting them to customers.”

SocialBro – When You Should Tweet On #blackfriday

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

SocialBro, the platform for the management, analysis and monetisation of Twitter, has revealed the best times for retailers to tweet their Black Friday deals for maximum return on investment.

By analysing Twitter users that have taken part in the #BlackFriday hashtag to date, SocialBro has projected when the greatest number of these users will be on the network on both the East and West Coast of the US, in the UK and in Western Europe. This information will allow businesses to target their Black Friday offerings via Twitter to the largest potential customer base, increasing the chance of conversion.

The results show that the optimal period to tweet is unique to each time zone. Retailers in California for example should be looking to tweet between 13:00 and 19:00, where as Berliners on CET would do better to tweet between 11:00 and 17:00.

Users of the SocialBro application can break this information down more thoroughly for their specific community. By extracting information such as gender, language spoken and the location of their followers, tweets can be fine tuned and focussed to engage specific community members. Additionally, users can analyse which of their followers are interested in #Blackfriday campaigns and connect with them individually

Last year, the National Retail Federation reported that 247 million shoppers visited stores and websites over Black Friday weekend, spending an estimated $59.1 billion1. Twitter recently published statistics revealing that 85% of its users will shop on Black Friday, 60% of which said that Twitter plays an important role in their Black Friday shopping habits2.

Javier Burón, CEO and Co-founder of SocialBro said: “With Twitter influencing a huge number of shoppers, it is essential that retailers are aware of when their customers are online to boost their chances of influencing a sale. Black Friday weekend is amongst the busiest in the retail calendar. Whether you’re a boutique jeweller in small town or a multinational electronics store, knowing when people are online is essential for bringing return on investment of your Twitter activity.”

SocialBro Streamlines Brand Customer Engagement on Twitter

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

SocialBro, a platform for business users to manage, analyse and monetise their Twitter communities is launching Mention Helper today. The new feature allows community managers and marketers to quickly respond to and build relationships with high value followers and key influencers.

Used by brands like CBS, NASCAR, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile and Publicis, SocialBro is a powerful set of Twitter marketing tools that allow users to analyse data, track competitor activity and calculate the most effective time to tweet.

Mention Helper is the latest addition to SocialBro’s suite of tools and simplifies the process of thanking new followers, tweeting out lists of followers communities would benefit from following, and targeting specific followers. Such quick identification naturally leads to improved efficiency.

Powerful filters such as location, influence and gender can be applied to identify users more specifically. Once the desired users have been found, a tweet can be composed to engage with them. Mention Helper will stagger these tweets to be sent throughout the day ensuring that no one is missed. Tweets can be sent both as replies or mentions according to the privacy needs of the user.

Javier Buron, CEO and founder at SocialBro says: “Mention Helper simplifies and improves accuracy of responses and recommendations to members of your community. Drilling down through the data to find high value people to target, Mention Helper allows you to engage quickly helping the relationship to grow immediately.”

With 140 million active users, Twitter is an extremely powerful direct marketing tool when managed effectively. SocialBro is aimed at businesses wishing to use Twitter tactically as a strategic marketing channel and rapidly build a robust and highly visible social presence. It allows brands to increase their communities’ growth, save time and monetise their social contacts through data and actionable statistics.

As businesses become increasingly active on Twitter it has become critical to focus activity and resources effectively to deliver a clear return on investment and achieve strategic business objectives.

SocialBro is fully integrated with customer relationship management applications Salesforce and Nimble as well as social media management tool Hootsuite.

SocialBro Raises a Series A Investment of £1.2m for New Product Development and to Increase its International Growth

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

SocialBro, an advanced cloud solution for the management, analysis and monetisation of Twitter communities by business users, has secured a £1.2M venture capital investment led by Scottish Equity Partners (SEP). This is the startup’s first significant investment since initial seed funding. Since then the company has continued to consolidate its market position with the launch of a paid cloud service, affiliate and partnership programmes as well introducing new functionality and securing integration with HootSuite.

SocialBro is a powerful suite of Twitter analytics tools for businesses wanting to use Twitter tactically as a strategic marketing channel and rapidly build a robust and highly visible social presence. It allows brands to increase their communities’ growth, save time and monetise their social contacts through data and actionable statistics. As businesses become increasingly active on Twitter it is critical that they focus activity and resources effectively to deliver a clear return on investment and achieve strategic business objectives. Since its launch in May 2010, SocialBro has achieved rapid growth, attracting more than 3000 customers, and over 180,000 users from more than 100 countries.

From its headquarters in London’s Google Campus, SocialBro founder and CEO Javier Burón explains what this investment means for the company: “This investment will allow us to scale our current international growth and deliver our ambitious development roadmap for new products”. “Scottish Equity Partners brings the business skills and understanding that will help us achieve our business goals. Ultimately our vision is to enable Twitter for business users and to be the ‘go to’ for any company wanting to extract brand value and financial revenues from Twitter.”

The SEP investment was led by Stuart Paterson and Mark Gracey. Commenting on the deal Mark Gracey, Principal at SEP says: “We believe SocialBro to be a highly scalable business, well positioned to take a significant share of the social network analytics market. We are impressed with the rate at which its innovative enterprise tool for Twitter is being adopted. Our investment will enable the company to maximise its growth potential and we look forward to working with Javier and his team in this dynamic and evolving market.”

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