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Hot Tin Roof’s top tech picks for September

Friday, August 31st, 2018


It’s been a manic month here in Edinburgh. If you didn’t bend over backwards to catch as many Fringe shows as possible, then you probably spent your time carefully avoiding the endless crowds on your way to and from work every day.

Now the mayhem is finally over, there’s still plenty left to see and do! Check out Hot Tin Roof’s pick of the hottest tech meetups and events you won’t want to miss this month…

The Cats’ top 5 for Turing

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018


With some of tech’s biggest names coming together on Wednesday and Thursday for Scotland’s tech gathering, Turing Fest, we list our top five picks for this year’s event.

Check it out!

How FreeAgent launched

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

53 million reasons why to do PR for your startup at launch

So FreeAgent sold for £53million. The news spread through Edinburgh like wildfire – everyone heard.

This blog is my story – rambling in places, but please indulge me – about my time with FreeAgent and the role PR played in its launch and formative first four years.

In 2008 Hot Tin Roof was asked by Ed Molyneux to give a presentation to the Digital Marketing Meetup on Digital PR. Ed was the advance guard of FreeAgent and had just arrived in Edinburgh ahead of Olly and Roan. He had been asked by Nigel Eccles, then of HubDub (what would become Fanduel), to stand in for him. (more…)

SHE Software eyes international expansion following £3m funding deal from NVM Private Equity

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

East Kilbride based SHE Software has secured a £3 million growth capital investment from NVM Private Equity (NVM) as it prepares to enter international markets with its highly configurable health and safety software and create over 50 new jobs by the end of 2018.

SHE Software will use the funding to open up 15 highly skilled jobs in a new office in the US and has ambitious plans to double the size of its development and support teams at its Scotland HQ, where it currently employs 60 staff.

Led by CEO Matthew Elson, SHE Software is the creator of Assure, a software platform that helps businesses to achieve and demonstrate health and safety compliance, whilst at the same time generating cost-savings by significantly reducing the administrative burden.


IT recruiter shows support for Scottish tech industry at digital conference

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017


Cathcart Associates, a specialist IT recruitment firm headquartered in Edinburgh, was the exclusive recruitment partner at the recent Digit IT Leaders conference, which took place at Dynamic Earth this year.

The conference hosted a series of inspirational and informative speeches from key players in Scotland’s IT sector, including Polly Purvis, CEO of ScotlandIS, and Helen Marshall, head of technology transformation at Yodel, who spoke of driving innovation and business improvement through technology. (more…)

Employers should ‘keep an open mind’ when recruiting digital talent

Thursday, May 11th, 2017


Employers should look beyond a candidate’s technical ability and take into consideration wider background experience when it comes to hiring digital talent, according to specialist IT recruitment firm, Cathcart Associates.

Recent figures released by the Digital Technologies Skills Group has shown that Scotland has a hidden pipeline of digital skills talent. Research found almost a third (31%) of graduates entering Scotland’s digital sector come from non-computing backgrounds, such as design, business and physical sciences. (more…)

CodeClan scoops ‘Best Education Provider’ at coveted Digital Technology Awards

Friday, April 28th, 2017

codeclan logo


CodeClan’s ground breaking programming course has seen the academy lift the gong for ‘Best Education Provider’ at this year’s ScotlandIS Digital Technology Awards, beating off strong competition.

The award, which is CodeClan’s first official award win, was given to the academy in recognition of its work to help close Scotland’s digital skills gap. Since its launch in October 2015, CodeClan has trained over 180 students and the judges praised the academy’s implementation and its increasing impact in helping to address the industry skills requirements. (more…)

‘You are now connected.’ Ground breaking public Wi-Fi software firm launches in Edinburgh

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017



A tech firm promising to give business owners access to cost-effective ‘legal guest Wi-Fi’ has officially launched its ground breaking product in Edinburgh.

BlackBX is cloud-based Wi-Fi technology enabling businesses to install and run public Wi-Fi for minimal cost and effort. The software provides businesses with raw data to help generate revenue, track new and repeat customers, identify peak visiting times and create customer mailing lists. (more…)

Business savvy developers to be in high demand in 2017

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Cathcart Associates logo


Talented web and mobile software developers will be highly sought after in 2017 as the Scottish tech industry continues its growth spurt.

Gordon Kaye and Sam Wason, joint managing directors of specialist recruiter Cathcart Associates, have a unique insight into the hiring plans of many of the country’s top tech firms and they are predicting another busy year ahead.

Aridhia broadens European appeal with new RSRCH-Health service in Netherlands

Thursday, December 1st, 2016


Scottish clinical and translational informatics company Aridhia, Netherlands-based ICT service provider Vancis, and clinical datasets experts MGRID are today announcing the expansion of their existing partnership with the launch of a new research platform service, RSRCH-Health, into the Netherlands.

The initiative will be introduced at the Health-RI conference on December 1st in Amersfoort, Netherlands to an audience of researchers, academics and clinicians who are being encouraged to work together to enable ground-breaking biomedical research. (more…)

CodeClan celebrates first anniversary with Glasgow expansion in 2017

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

codeclan logo


CodeClan, Scotland’s first accredited digital skills academy, celebrates its first birthday this week with welcome news that its first 16-week software development course in Glasgow will start in January 2017.

The ground breaking 16-week course will be delivered by CodeClan in The Tontine, Glasgow’s new high-tech acceleration and growth space for young aspiring businesses.

North of Scotland students lift coveted awards

Friday, October 7th, 2016

ScotlandIS logo


An exceptional student from Robert Gordon’s University has been named Young Software Engineer of the Year 2016. Stuart Whitehead won first prize for an innovative project developing a software platform for internet of things (IoT) applications. The judge considered the project to be outstanding.

From Manhattan to Sydney, investment drives Spoonfed’s international growth

Friday, June 17th, 2016



Scottish software-as-a-service start-up Spoonfed has today announced a second round of funding worth £585K from angel investment syndicate Equity Gap, private US and Channel Islands investors and the Scottish Investment Bank, the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise, to accelerate international growth and take the company into profitability.

Launched in 2013, Spoonfed has provided its end-to-end drop off catering software to customers throughout the UK including high-street chains, independent sandwich retailers and contract catering businesses and has also won contracts in USA, Canada and Australia.

To date, the technology has enabled clients to unlock new markets with automated business processing of office catering orders, in one case boosting monthly revenue from £7,000 to £70,000 and increasing average order values by 25 per cent.

Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards 2015 – Abertay University undergraduate lifts coveted award

Friday, September 18th, 2015

ScotlandIS logo


A student from Abertay University has been named Young Software Engineer of the Year 2015. Peeter Parna won first prize for an outstanding project combining fluid dynamics, gaming and advanced programming. This is the first time a student from Abertay has won this coveted award.

Second place went to Marija Pinkute, a University of Edinburgh student whose project is aimed at the automatic generation of Tweet messages for news articles. Third place was won by Damien Anderson, from the University of Strathclyde, for his project on generalised Video Game playing.

The Lockheed Martin Software Engineering Project Award went to Archibald ‘Sam’ Elliot, from the University of St Andrews, for developing a concurrency system for Idris and Erlang.

Neo to host Global Day of Code Retreat in Edinburgh

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013



International software innovation company Neo will again host software developers from across Scotland on 14 December for Global Day of Code Retreat. The annual event will take place at Neo’s European base at TechCube in Edinburgh, and in up to 200 other cities around the world.

A day-long, intensive practise event focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design, Code Retreat will give developers the opportunity to work on code away from the pressures of ‘getting things done’, thus allowing the freedom to invoke their creative side, practise their skills and develop new ideas.

Much like a musician who needs time to practise playing an instrument, programmers need to refine their skills without the constraints of time, budget or business brief in order to develop. Scotland’s tech and software development industry is vibrant, but to continue to lead in this field, skills must be refined and developed and new ground broken.

The Code Retreat format has proved to be a highly effective means of skill improvement. Practising the basic principles of modular and object-oriented design, developers can improve their ability to write code that minimises the cost of change over time.

Global Day of Code Retreat is an annual event taking place in Australia, New Zealand, the US, China, Singapore, South Africa, Poland, Germany, Sweden and Scotland among many others.

Paul Wilson, Managing Director at Neo explains: “Since the idea was conceived in 2009, Code Retreats have become a global phenomenon. Last year around 2000 programmers took part in 150 separate Code Retreats.

“As a global organisation, Neo organises Global Day of Code Retreat events in many of its offices. After extremely positive feedback from last year’s event, we look forward to another enjoyable and successful day.”

Neo is a global product innovation company working with clients including Time Magazine, American Express and Paypal, and whose board contains some of the biggest names in software and product development, including Evan Henshaw-Plath (lead developer at Twitter) and Joi Ito (Director of MIT Media Lab).

For more information contact: Jen Richards :: 0131 225 7880

Holoxica In The News

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Holoxica was formed in 2008. We are a high-tech startup with two lines of business: 3D holograms and holographic displays.

Our core business is a pioneering 3D holographic display system that suspends dynamic images (alphanumeric datafeeds, animations, advertisements and short 3D video sequences) in mid-air, creating a naturalistic 3D space where a variety of content providers can present games, entertainment, advertisements and information.

We complement our activities by making and selling 3D holograms that reinforce how holograms enable naturalistic viewing of images without requiring the need for eyewear, headsets or optical tricks, avoiding discomfort (headaches, nausea) associated with other technologies.

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Holoxica targets £1m funding for hologram venture, The Scotsman, 25th March 2013

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Interactive 3D holographic apps written for new display, 3D Focus, 18th March 2013

‘Hackers’ to Save NHS £3m+ With Free Patient Handover App

Monday, July 30th, 2012

The creators of a free software app which took top prize at the first ever NHS Hack Day believe the product has the potential to save the NHS more than £3M per year.

NHS Hack Day brought together doctors, programmers and software developers to create innovative and high-tech solutions to everyday problems within the NHS. In just 24 hours the winning team created a browser-based “Patient List” system to improve the handover of patients.

Replacing the traditional task-list method usually used by staff, the application uses a feed from the hospital’s electronic medical records to provide doctors with a list of all their patients, allowing them to create task lists, update a patient’s record of care and better manage the handover of patients between shift teams and hospital departments.

Paul Wilson, MD of New Context Scotland, says: “I’m delighted to announce that we are developing our winning idea into a free open source product that can be easily downloaded and installed by any NHS hospital trust. Our solution will reduce the errors that occur during shift handovers and when patients move between departments. We estimate that this innovation has the potential to save £3.6 million worth of time – time that can then be devoted to frontline patient care.

“We’re currently working hard to get the product beyond the proof-of-concept stage and our efforts so far can be viewed online by the public.”

The application has attracted the attention of Professor Sir Liam Donaldson who, in a recent interview with E-Health Insider, said: “So many of the problems in healthcare, the errors, the mistakes, the lapses in standards of care occur during handovers of care from one team to another.”

The inaugural NHS Hack Day was held in late May, with 10 teams submitting their applications to an expert panel of senior clinicians and IT advisors, chaired by the former chief medical officer of England, Professor Sir Liam Donaldson.  The winning team was made up of New Context Scotland’s Paul Wilson and Adrian Mowat, ValueDecision’s Eckhard Schwarzat, Tactix4’s Rob Dyke and Dr Colin Brown of the Health Protection Agency and St Thomas’ Hospital.

Formerly known as EdgeCase UK, New Context Scotland is part of New Context, Inc, a global consultancy, which includes Silicon Valley tech guru Eric Ries as a general partner. New Context provides web and mobile software development for startups, corporations, and governments in North America, Asia, and Europe.

For more information and to view product development to date visit:


Flexiant launches downloadable cloud with Free Trial

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Leading cloud software services provider, Flexiant, has today released a downloadable edition of its Extility cloud services management software.

The new Extility Foundation Edition will give smaller service providers the opportunity to compete in the provision of agile cloud services and will enable corporate users to build, manage and deploy private, public or hybrid clouds effortlessly – without high upfront costs. The Foundation Edition can be up and running within an hour.

Flexiant’s innovative cloud software, Extility, incorporates all the key components of cloud infrastructure into a simple virtual platform solution. Highly automated, Extility enables service providers to offer cost effective, on demand and flexible cloud services to their customers.

For enterprises looking to build their own cloud, Extility can be easily integrated into existing IT management systems, capitalising on existing investment and providing extensive flexibility to meet the challenges of today and the demands of the future.

A three-month Free Trial of this exciting product is available for download from the Flexiant web site –
Flexiant pioneered the development of cloud computing in 2007, when it launched Europe’s first public cloud, FlexiScale. Flexiant’s flagship product, Extility Service Provider Edition, launched in 2010, already offers a proven, reliable and secure ‘orchestration and automation’ solution to managed service providers and data centre operators.

Extility Service Provider Edition continues to be available to service providers who require greater customisation and tailoring. In addition to having greater flexibility, the Service Provider Edition offers a full multi-currency billing system, white labelling facilities to support multiple resellers, greater scalability and multi-hypervisor capability supporting KVM, Xen and VMware.

Foundation Edition customers will be able to upgrade to the Service Provider Edition at any time.

Robert Karssiens, Flexiant’s Director of Sales and Marketing says: “We’re passionate about making quality, reliable cloud services available to every business. Our Foundation Edition lets anyone try Extility – they can download and use it, free, for three months – and then just get on with selling cloud services.”

For more information contact: Sarah Lee.

Flexiant appoints US reseller DSA Technologies

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Cloud software and services company Flexiant is continuing its push into the US market with a partnership announced today of full-service reseller, DSA Technologies.

Founded in 1991, DSA Technologies provides a complete range of IT services and solutions to clients across the United States. It will introduce Flexiant’s Extility cloud platform these clients, helping them to develop their own private and public clouds.

Robert Karssiens, Flexiant’s Director of Sales & Marketing says: “Resellers like DSA Technologies are essential to our international growth plans. This agreement will help introduce our Extility platform, already used extensively in Europe, to a new and demanding market.”

Flexiant, headquartered in Scotland, developed Europe’s first cloud platform in 2007 and is one of only a handful of independent cloud platform providers world wide.

DSA Technologies’ CEO, Michael Pearson says: “We pride ourselves on finding the right technologies for our clients, to help them in their own businesses. Flexiant’s Extility cloud computing platform will let our clients create exactly the clouds they need.”

The two partners were introduced through Phoenix Fire, a business development agency specialising in partner channel development for the US technology sector. Flexiant entered a partnership agreement with Phoenix Fire at the end of 2010, to help find quality resellers for its products.

Flexiant’s Extility software is a licensed cloud computing platform delivering all the benefits of real-time server estate management to end-users through its unique user interface and API. Central to these end-user benefits is the ability to shape server requirements to meet and exceed the demands of a perpetually shifting market landscape, allowing provisioning and reconfiguration of servers in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days.

Licensees of Extility not only enjoy the competitive edge of providing world class scalable services to existing or new business; the savings springing from Extility’s unified platform mean that they are able to do so at realistic prices in a market projected to comprise of over 20% of corporate IT infrastructure within five years.

Flexiant also offers a public cloud service, FlexiScale, which enables start-ups and SMEs to grow from one server to one thousand servers in seconds – critical for organisations offering streaming video, social networking or SaaS, and ideal for a wealth of other applications.

FlexiScale’s pay-as-you-go virtual dedicated servers can be up and running, or taken down in less than 60 seconds, ensuring businesses can rapidly shape their IT resources in response to dynamic market conditions. With no long-term commitment or capital expenditure required from customers, FlexiScale facilitates clear focus on core business activities by reducing time, energy and effort spent on IT provisioning and investment.

In addition to a range of other deployments, Extility is currently being used as a test bed by the European Commission on three multi-million pound FP7 research and development projects aimed at driving forward the adoption of cloud computing across Europe.

For more information contact: Lauren Cormack.

About DSA Technologies

Founded in 1991, DSA Technologies provides a complete range of IT services and solutions to clients US-wide. DSA has grown from a professional services only firm into a full-service solution provider offering complete technology solutions for: strategic planning, cloud-readiness assessment, project design, product sales, professional services implementation, managed services monitoring, post-implementation support and on-going staff services.

Access to the cloud gets easier, with the launch of “Standing Cloud powered by Flexiant”

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Flexiant, a UK-based cloud infrastructure software and services provider – and Europe’s original public cloud provider – and Standing Cloud, Inc. a leader in the emerging platform as a service (PaaS) marketplace, have gone live with their “Standing Cloud powered by Flexiant” integration, bringing a vastly simplified method of deploying and managing cloud-hosted applications to European cloud users.

“Standing Cloud powered by Flexiant” marries an application layer from Standing Cloud with Flexiant’s Extility cloud product. Extility customers will be able to find and immediately use around 100 popular web applications—WordPress, SugarCRM, DotProject and OpenBravo, to name a few—complete with built-in monitoring and management tools that ease system administration headaches. Developers can use PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, and Python to support rapid testing and live deployment. Pricing starts at $38.95 per month.

Together, Standing Cloud and Flexiant aim to remove the mystery of the cloud for “informal buyers” who have struggled with accessing cloud technology. Forrester Research defines this group as including application developers, innovative business users and service providers.

The ““Standing Cloud powered by Flexiant” integration includes a separate Flexiant-branded area of the Standing Cloud web site, and offers the ability to register and run a free trial of the various applications, before opting for full hosting. This allows users to see how flexible and immediate cloud application provisioning really can be.

“Standing Cloud powered by Flexiant is an exciting new way to bring the promise of cloud computing to business users and developers. By connecting Standing Cloud’s point and click interface to their infrastructure, Flexiant’s customers no longer need to have system administration skills to use it productively,” said David J. Jilk, CEO of Standing Cloud.

As well, earlier this year, Standing Cloud began expanding its support for data centers in the UK and Europe so that users could take advantage of the company’s ability to restore their application in minutes to another cloud in case of downtime on their primary cloud provider. For more info, read “Standing Cloud Facilitates Privacy Law Compliance in the EuroCloud.”

“We found we had a lot in common with Standing Cloud, in our determination to look at things from the users’ point of view. We’ve created a service that ‘just works’, that doesn’t need a lot of knowledge or skills. You shouldn’t have to hire someone to manage your cloud computing, you should be able to do it yourself. And with Standing Cloud’s innovative application layer, you can,” said Alex Bligh, Flexiant CEO.

Flexiant’s flagship software product, Extility, allows licensees to build their own cloud and sell cloud services under their own brand. The cloud computing platform delivers all the benefits of real-time server estate management to end-users through its unique user interface and API. Central to these end-user benefits is the ability to provision and reconfigure servers in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days.


For more information contact: Sarah Lee.

About Standing Cloud

Standing Cloud is the only platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables cloud users to deploy, manage, customise and/or develop applications on a variety of cloud services and with several programming languages. The service supports PHP, Java, Ruby, and Python, as well as 80+ complete open source applications that can be deployed by end users with a few clicks. Target customers include business users who want an easy way to automatically deploy and manage SaaS; developers who customise existing open source applications or develop their own from scratch; and IT professionals in search of a time-saving way to deploy applications and development environments for teams within their organisation.

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