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All hands on Tweet Deck for second EdTwestival

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

The Fringe may be over but there’s no time to relax as we’re getting busy with our work for next week’s EdTwestival Local.

Taking place in cities across the world, global Twestival events bring together Twitter followers to raise money for charity while having fun.

Having worked with organisers of the inaugural EdTwestival in February 2009, we’ll be running the PR campaign and raising awareness of the second event in the press and online.

Twestival Local, the second Twitter festival, is set for Thursday 10 September and hundreds of events, held around the world, will fundraise for charities in their area. EdTwestival will be held at Electric Circus on Market Street in support of local children’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent, following a vote by Edinburgh Twitter users.

Entertainment on the night will include sets from The Banana Sessions, Cornelius Pierce, Chutes and Calamateur.

Hot Tin Roof’s Chris Welton will also be appearing on Leith FM on Tuesday 8th September to promote the event so tune in to hear more.

To buy tickets for the event visit

@EdTwestival “We had a ball!”

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Weary eyes this morning at Hot Tin Roof after an epic night at the Edinburgh Twestival.

We were delighted to be involved in such an exciting and worthy concept and are happy to report the evening was a great success.

In the end our wee event attracted around 250 of the McTwitterati and a brilliant £3,500 was raised for charity: water, with more to come for extra auctions due in the coming days.

The press were out in force with cameras, microphones and pads at every turn and we’re looking forward to seeing all the great coverage the event is sure to get.

Congratulations to our wonderful organisers @tanepiper@andrewburnett@bureauista – @davelaw00 – @jimwolffman and a hearty applause for Peter Gregson for a tremendous performance.

What the Scottish twitter community showed last night is while we embrace more technical communication, we are a very social bunch. Rather than loads of bowed heads cooing over iPhones there was great banter and plenty of mingling.

A fond hello to all the new folk we were lucky enough to meet and a hopeful ‘meet you soon’ to those we avidly follow and still have not spoken to in the flesh.

Twitter has shown its awesome power over the last few weeks and last night was a fitting culmination. Proving its worth as communities demonstrated they are ready and willing at short notice to come together and raise money for worthy charities.

If you want to relive all the connections made last night, check out the amazing graphical display at the Twestival by Blonde.

You can still donate in many capacities at the Edinburgh Twestival website:

Ambergreen examines McTwitterati

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Digital marketing agency Ambergreen is conducting a social media experiment with Scottish Twitter followers at the inaugural Edinburgh Twestival.

Embraced not only by entrepreneurs and workers, Twitter is becoming increasingly important for big brands, such as with Dell, who recently announced they have generated over $1m in sales through the service.

On 12 February 2009 hundreds of cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals, bringing together Twitter communities for an evening of fun, all to raise money and awareness for Charity: Water.
Ambergreen will be on hand to interview participants as they enter the Twestival for a special video that will be produced for distribution after the event.

By engaging with the very people who have embraced this rapidly growing micro-blogging service, Ambergreen aims to capture authentic insights into Twitter as well as producing facts and figures about the event.

Arranged in a matter of weeks by supporters of Twitter, the event is the first major offline gathering of the Scottish faithful, many of who have already engaged with each other on the social networking tool, but have never met in person.

Eliza Dashwood, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ambergreen said: “We are delighted to be sponsoring our local Twestival and know with the McTwitterati being so active it is sure to be a very special event.”

“All of us are great fans of Twitter, and we know how important it is for engaging with your peers and spreading information.”

Ambergreen has pioneered the use of social media by business and recognises how important Twitter is for any brand wanting to succeed online.

“From a marketing perspective Twitter is a fantastic way to engage directly with your customers with a transparency you just don’t get from other social media. You can choose who you want to follow and who is allowed to follow you, allowing for a very personal experience.”

“Big brands need to use Twitter and use it properly. If they just create a profile publishing links to new press releases the likelihood is people are going to switch off from it.

“But Twitter does have so much to offer and we believe there are five factors associated with social media like Twitter that will determine who will win in the digital landscape. Community, trust, permission, transparency and value.”

The Edinburgh Twestival takes place on February 12 from 7pm at the Hawke and Hunter. Go to for tickets and follow @EdTwestival for updates.

Follow Ambergreen on Twitter: @ambergreenim

I twit, do you twoo?

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Everybody is talking about it. It’s the ‘in’ social media tool…it’s Twitter.

Early adopters were counting down to the return of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, but for very different reasons. Will Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross talk about twitter? And, much like the countdown to the millennium (albeit with very little hint of panic)…what’s going to happen once Twitter enters the mainstream?

Well celebrity endorsement may have contributed to the surge in UK Twitter popularity but to be honest it couldn’t come at a better time.

This February 12 sees the inaugural Twestival with events across the globe bringing together Twitter communities for fun filled occasions, all in the aid of Charity : Water.

The Edinburgh Twestival, to be held at the newly refurbished Hawke and Hunter, sold out like hot cakes. Tickets flew off the e-shelf as the Scottish twitter community swooped to ensure their part in such an exciting event.

We here at Hot Tin Roof are happy to be attending and are keen to spread the good word.

If you were also lucky enough to get tickets we look forward to a night of live music, auctions and prizes…oh and twitter.

Our Chris Welton can be found on twitter at:

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