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Orchestrating resources for a pitch perfect data centre

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Ahead of the release next month of Extility 1.3, Flexiant, an independent cloud platform provider and software and services company, has announced the launch of three enterprise features that will allow licensees to integrate the cloud into existing systems with ease: foreign keys, VLAN interworking, and small footprint installation.

Flexiant developed Europe’s first cloud platform over four years ago and remains one of only a handful of independent cloud platform providers worldwide. Flexiant’s pioneering cloud platform is now being used by the EU across a range of multi-million Euro FP7 projects as a testbed to speed up cloud computing’s adoption rate by enterprise level companies throughout Europe.

Tackling head on the issue of virtual machine sprawl, Extility 1.3’s foreign keys feature allows data centre operators and their end-user customers to orchestrate virtual resources and ensure they are always deployed where they are needed.

The new foreign keys facility is important for making best use of the speed, economy and flexibility of a cloud platform. Foreign keys allow the cloud provider and enterprise user not only to define and tag content but also to build its own logic on top. This will allow the user to query resources active within the company – where four departments could have four separate accounts and four virtual data centres working on one project. By tagging resources the enterprise can drill down and see how these are actually being used rather than having them disappear into the black hole of departmental budgets.

Tony Lucas, Flexiant’s founder explains: “All data centres already have substantial investments in software, hardware and other IT infrastructure. Our challenge is to develop systems which allow organisations to benefit from the agility, flexibility and economy of a cloud computing platform while making the best use of their existing capital investment.”

Flexiant’s VLAN interworking feature will allow integration of existing physical servers and the cloud at the network level, allowing customers to move fully or partially to a cloud platform, in a seamless manner. This means end customers can pilot virtualisation by moving to the cloud those services that will bring the greatest benefit, whilst retaining on physical infrastructure those services which are better suited to it. Services that are most likely to benefit from a move to the cloud include those that may run just once a month and can leave physical servers idle for long periods; when moved to the cloud, such services would share physical resources.

“Whilst many IT resources can be moved to the cloud with ease, some workloads do not benefit from virtualisation,” adds Lucas. “And, understandably, customers may be reluctant to re-architect their entire infrastructure, preferring a more gradual transition to cloud-based services. VLAN interworking allows customers the flexibility to pick and choose which services they put on the cloud.”

A production-ready cloud platform can be both capital and time intensive, a fact that often discourages data centre operators from trialling cloud technology. Extility 1.3’s small foot-print install feature means data centre operators can pilot a cloud offering with relatively little investment in time or capital before developing this deployment into a fully-fledged cloud platform for their customers.

Lucas continues: “Extility is a mature platform and with every release we are building something even more powerful. We are enabling business intelligence faster than ever and adding high level functionality for our licensees and their end users.”

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Flexiant announces significant enhancements to next generation cloud platform with FlexiScale 2.1

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Flexiant is pleased to announce the latest version of its flagship Infrastructure As A Service offering: FlexiScale 2.1. FlexiScale leading-edge technology enables start-ups and SMEs to grow from one server to one thousand servers in seconds – critical for organisations offering streaming video, social networking or SaaS, and ideal for a wealth of other applications.

Powered by Flexiant’s flagship technology “Extility”, FlexiScale’s pay-as-you-go virtual servers can be up and running, or taken down in less than 60 seconds, ensuring businesses can rapidly shape their IT resources in response to dynamic market conditions. With no long-term commitment or capital expenditure, FlexiScale facilitates clear focus on core business activities by reducing time, energy and effort spent on IT provisioning and investment.

Key new features in the 2.1 software release include:

  • Ten additional configurations of virtual servers, bringing the total to sixteen;
  • Up to 8 virtual CPUs per virtual server;
  • A metadata service allowing customers and image vendors to pass a hierarchy of data to virtual servers for dynamic runtime configuration;
  • Support for Cohesive-FT’s VPN-Cubed virtual server images, allowing customer controlled networking across multiple clouds, and between private infrastructure and the clouds.

The release also includes a number of minor features and usability improvements, as well as over a hundred minor bug fixes.

Tony Lucas, Founder of Flexiant, explains: “This release is the first of many incremental enhancements to our FlexiScale products. We know our customers will in particular appreciate the far wider range of RAM and CPU configurations and the metadata service will open up a wide range of new possibilities for image providers and those using our platform for automatic virtual server instantiation.”

Flexiant secures £1 million investment

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

As a further demonstration of its investors’ confidence in its business model, Flexiant, the software and services company, today announces the close of a further investment round, raising approximately £1m.

This funding provides Flexiant with additional working capital to further develop Extility, its revolutionary cloud computing technology, and its infrastructure-as-a-service offering, FlexiScale.

Flexiant’s Extility software is a licensed virtualised cloud platform delivering all the benefits of real-time server estate management to end-users through its unique user interface and API. Central to these end-user benefits is the ability to shape server requirements to meet and exceed the demands of a perpetually shifting market landscape, allowing provisioning and reconfiguration of servers in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days.

Licensees of Extility not only enjoy the competitive edge of providing world class scalable services to existing or new business; the savings springing from Extility’s unified platform mean that they are able to do so at realistic prices in a market projected to comprise of over 20% of corporate IT infrastructure within five years.

Flexiant will also continue to market its FlexiScale public cloud service which has been running for nearly three years. FlexiScale’s leading-edge technology enables start-ups and SMEs to grow from one server to one thousand servers in seconds – critical for organisations offering streaming video, social networking or SaaS, and ideal for a wealth of other applications.

FlexiScale’s pay-as-you-go virtual dedicated servers can be up and running, or taken down in less than 60 seconds, ensuring businesses can rapidly shape their IT resources in response to dynamic market conditions. With no long-term commitment or capital expenditure required from customers, FlexiScale facilitates clear focus on core business activities by reducing time, energy and effort spent on IT provisioning and investment.

The funding round was backed by over twenty angel investors, as well as the management team.

Alex Bligh, Chief Executive Officer of Flexiant, said: “This investment will enable Flexiant to develop further our technology and to drive our sales process. At a time when the demand for this kind of technology far exceeds the availability of proven models such as Extility and FlexiScale, Flexiant is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this market place.”

Flexiant targets web hosting sector with cloud infrastructure software

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Tony Lucas, founder of Flexiant

Tony Lucas, founder of Flexiant

Flexiant, the software and services company, was officially launched today following the completion of a funding round, raising approximately £1m. The funding round, which was over-subscribed, has allowed Flexiant to acquire Flexiscale, a cloud computing technology developed by XCalibre Communications Ltd, and provided Flexiant with working capital to further develop the technology.

Flexiant’s suite of software and services is designed for web hosting businesses, data centre operators, and telecoms companies, enabling them to offer cloud computing based services to their customers. Flexiscale’s origins are in the web hosting sector, having been developed by XCalibre in order to provide a flexible and highly cost effective service to its own customer base.

Flexiant will also continue to market the Flexiscale public cloud service which has been running for two years and has an established user base. Flexiant expects to announce a major software release early this year.

A group of ten angel investors have come together to back Flexiant. The group includes two Internet pioneers, Alex Bligh co-founder of Nominet UK and Laurence Blackall, behind the creation of Pipex Communications, as well as cloud computing trailblazer and software guru Tony Lucas, founder of XCalibre and architect of the Flexiscale platform. Lucas will be joined on the management team by Blackall as Chairman and by Bligh as CEO. The team thus has not just an outstanding pedigree but also a very real understanding of the market.

Flexiant will be in a powerful position to revolutionise the hosting market by allowing hosting providers to offer highly scalable services at realistic prices. Servers provided using Flexiscale technology can be provisioned or removed within seconds instead of days or weeks. Spare resources can be shared between servers with a corresponding drastic reduction in capital investment. The resultant reduced power consumption allows hosting companies to slash their operating costs and reduce their carbon footprint, whilst being able to invoice their customers earlier.

Alex Bligh comments: “Flexiscale is the most exciting internet infrastructure technology I have seen for ten years. Flexiant’s recently completed funding round will allow us to exploit the full potential of Flexiscale by licensing it to the web hosting market. Tony Lucas has pioneered cloud computing for the past five years and I believe that we have pulled together the right team to change forever the technology used for internet hosting.”

Tony Lucas explains: “I believe the next decade will see profound changes in the hosting market with affordable scalable services reducing both operating costs and carbon footprint. The success of Flexiscale to date means that we are in a strong position to lead the way as the sector evolves and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.”

Webfusion acquires hosting assets of XCalibre Communications

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Web hosting specialist, Webfusion, has acquired the hosting assets of XCalibre Communications to strengthen its entry level managed hosting business. The acquisition, for an undisclosed sum, will enable Webfusion to extend its offering and provide XCalibre customers with access to a variety of products, along with 24×7 support.

The remaining XCalibre business will transfer to Flexiant Ltd. Webfusion, in partnership with Flexiant, will trial the FlexiScale cloud computing platform and it is hoped that FlexiScale will eventually be offered as a service to Webfusion customers.

Thomas Vollrath, Managing Director of Webfusion, comments, “XCalibre has an excellent portfolio of hosting products and we are delighted to partner with them. The acquired Xcalibre customer base will benefit from an increased product set and more choice in entry level managed hosting packages. We look forward to the opportunities to widen our portfolio and present these customers with a greater choice of hosting and web security solutions.”

Tony Lucas, CEO of XCalibre, comments: “This partnership with Webfusion is very important to us and will allow us to strengthen our focus on the continued development of FlexiScale platform and other software products. Our roots are in hosting but our passion is development and going forward this experience will shape our transition into and growth as a software and services company, pioneering cloud computing.”

Customers of XCalibre Communications will become clients of Webfusion with immediate effect. There will not be any changes to control panels or services provided. In addition, customers will benefit from Webfusion’s UK-based data centre, round the clock support teams and access to a wider range of products and services.

Webfusion is part of the Host Europe Group, which is owned by Oakley Capital.

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